Is Purdue Accredited University? Ensure Accreditation Status Before Enrolling

It’s key to check if a university is accredited before picking it. Purdue University is accredited. The U.S. Department of Education recognizes its accreditation through the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

Getting accredited means Purdue meets tough standards for education. It shows the school offers solid programs, good teachers, and enough resources for a high-quality education. When a school is accredited, it tells students they’ll get a top education.

Worried about noting if a school is truly accredited? No problem. You can confirm Purdue’s status by looking up the HLC’s website. There, you’ll see Purdue listed as accredited. Or, you can ask Purdue directly. By doing this bit of research, you can be sure you’re joining a reputable place for your studies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Purdue University is an accredited institution, holding institutional accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).
  • Accreditation from the HLC ensures that Purdue meets established standards of educational quality.
  • Prospective students can verify Purdue’s accreditation status by checking the HLC’s website or contacting the university directly.
  • Verifying a university’s accreditation status is essential before enrolling to ensure a reputable and high-quality education.
  • Accredited universities provide students with the assurance of receiving a valuable and reputable education.

Types of Accreditation at Purdue

Purdue University has both institutional accreditation and specialized ones for its programs. The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) gives institutional accreditation. This checks if the whole university meets solid educational standards.

Purdue University’s institutional accreditation from the HLC is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

For certain programs, Purdue has special accreditations too. This includes the medical physics program. Having a special accreditation shows it meets the high standards set by the industry.

Regional accreditation for universities

“Specialized accreditations at Purdue University confirm the programs’ adherence to high educational standards in their respective fields.”

The Occupational and Environmental Health Sciences program also has a special accreditation at Purdue. This ensures students get a top-notch education that meets the demands of the industry.

The School of Business and Information Technology at Purdue has specialized accreditations as well. These ensure that students learn what they need to succeed in business and IT.

Specialized Accreditations at Purdue University:

  • Medical Physics Program
  • Occupational and Environmental Health Sciences Program
  • School of Business and Information Technology

These accreditations at Purdue University show its dedication to top-quality education in many fields.

Accredited Programs at Purdue

At Purdue University, many different programs have gained specific accreditations. These show how dedicated they are to excellence and meeting high standards. For students, these accreditations mean they’ll get a top-notch education in their field of choice. Here are just a few at Purdue:

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Occupational and Environmental Health Sciences

Purdue University’s programs in Occupational and Environmental Health Sciences got a thumbs up from the Applied Science Accreditation Commission of ABET. This recognition proves the programs meet tough education standards. It guarantees students learn what they need for successful careers in this area.

School of Business and Information Technology

The School of Business and Information Technology has earned accreditations from ABET and the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs. These show the school is serious about giving students a solid education in business and IT. Anyone in these programs knows they’re getting quality education.

Purdue University accreditation information

Medical Billing and Coding Certificate

The Medical Billing and Coding Certificate at Purdue has the green light from the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). This seal of approval means the program meets the high standards of the industry. It helps graduates feel ready to join healthcare jobs.

Health Information Management

Purdue’s Health Information Management program carries an accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM). This means the program has hit the mark on tough educational standards. It readies students to manage health info in healthcare places well.

With accredited programs, Purdue University shows its dedication to top-tier education. It ensures students are well-prepared for their careers. This assurance lets students trust in the education they get at Purdue.

Professional Licensure and Approvals at Purdue

Purdue Global knows how crucial professional licensure is in some areas. If you’re looking at Purdue or already studying there, they offer details on state licensure. Go to Purdue Global’s State Licensure and Certifications page for info on what you need for different jobs.

Our school doesn’t just stop at licensure. It’s accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, okayed by the U.S. Department of Education. This means Purdue meets top standards for learning.

Purdue Global isn’t just accredited as a school. It also has thumbs-up from other big bodies. For instance, California State Bar’s Committee of Bar Examiners backs Purdue Global’s Juris Doctor (JD). This support boosts JD students’ career chances in law.

The business side is strong too. The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs approves Purdue Global. This shows their programs are on point with what business needs.

Purdue Global ensures your study path fits the job world. They do this by keeping abreast of state rules and securing top accreditations. This gets students ready to excel in their careers.

Purdue University Professional Licensure

Additional Approvals and Accreditations

Purdue Global gains nods from more than just states and programs. The American Health Information Management Association backs their Medical Billing and Coding Certificate. This means the program is up to date with the best practices.

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The Health Information Management program also does well. It’s accredited by CAHIIM. This shows it has a strong curriculum that looks to the future in health info fields.

Purdue Global aims to fulfill state needs and get top accreditations. Its extra approvals show it’s all about offering high-quality education. They groom students for career success in their fields.

Board of Trustees and Leadership at Purdue

The Purdue University’s Board of Trustees is really important. They make big decisions and oversee the school. The board is made up of very skilled and diverse individuals. They work closely with the school’s leaders to keep Purdue succeeding.

The current Board of Trustees includes:

  • Sonny Beck
  • Michael Berghoff (Chairman)
  • JoAnn Brouillette
  • Vanessa Castagna
  • John Hardin Jr.
  • Michael Klipsch
  • Gary Lehman
  • Cameron Mann
  • Thomas Spurgeon (Vice Chairman)

Thanks to their work, Purdue keeps on excelling in education, research, and innovation.

Leading Purdue is President Mitchell E. Daniels Jr. He has a lot of experience in both business and government. Since 2013, he has been a driving force at the university. He focuses on making Purdue great through a strong vision and a push for excellence. Plus, he’s big on keeping the university’s mission at the center.

Purdue University Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees and President Daniels are a dream team. Thanks to their hard work, Purdue offers top-tier education. They help students grow and find success.

Campus Life and Services at Purdue

Purdue University has a lively campus life that greatly adds to the student experience. There are many student organizations, clubs, and activities for students. They can explore their interests and make lasting friendships.

One key feature of Purdue’s campus life is its top-notch library system. These libraries give students access to a huge range of books, research materials, and the latest technology. This is perfect for academic research, exam prep, or finding a quiet spot to read.

Purdue University libraries

Additionally, Purdue University values a global viewpoint. It offers study abroad programs to let students dive into new cultures. This allows them to expand their knowledge, develop a global mindset, and grow academically and personally.

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Purdue’s campus services are designed for students wanting to learn, connect with others, or see the world. The school’s dynamic student groups, great libraries, and impactful study abroad options make for an exciting college journey.


Purdue University is a respected school in the U.S., known for its quality education. It has the backing of the Higher Learning Commission, ensuring students get a top-notch education. It’s important for students to check a university’s accreditation before joining.

It’s crucial to pick a reputable university in the U.S. for your studies and future job success. Purdue University is a great choice, offering various programs and support for students. It is among the many reliable institutions.

Purdue University is praised for its dedication to academic excellence and a vibrant learning scene. When students pick such accredited schools, like Purdue, they lay the foundation for success. This choice enhances their educational journey.


Is Purdue University accredited?

Yes, Purdue University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). This is a U.S. Department of Education recognized body.

How can I verify Purdue’s accreditation status?

You can confirm Purdue’s accreditation by visiting the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) website. Or, simply contact the university.

What types of accreditation does Purdue University have?

Purdue University holds both institutional and program-specific accreditations. The HLC gives it institutional accreditation. Specific programs are granted accreditations by specialized bodies.

Which programs at Purdue have specialized accreditations?

The medical physics, Occupational and Environmental Health Sciences, and the School of Business and Information Technology programs have specialized accreditations at Purdue.

Does Purdue Global have accreditation?

Purdue Global, Purdue’s online section, is fully accredited too. It’s approved by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and other bodies.

Who is responsible for overseeing Purdue University?

Overseeing Purdue University is the duty of its Board of Trustees. They manage the institution. The board is made up of several members, including Sonny Beck and Michael Berghoff among others.

Who is the President of Purdue University?

The President of Purdue is Mitchell E. Daniels Jr., serving since 2013.

What campus life and services does Purdue University offer?

Purdue University is bustling with student activities and clubs. It has excellent libraries and offers study abroad programs. This allows for an enriched student life and broad academic experiences.

Is Purdue University a reputable accredited university?

Yes, Purdue University upholds high education standards. Its HLC accreditation reassures quality learning for students.
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